People make a judgement in seven seconds. This is how quickly you can win or lose a potential buyer when selling your home in Whetstone. So, how do you make those crucial few moments count? How do you get your home ready for sale so that buyers want to make an offer the moment they walk through the door?

This guide will give you some low-cost tricks to prepare your property for the open market. The sooner you get your house sold, the sooner you can plan your next holiday or move into the home of your dreams.

Presentation is key

Before booking a viewing, people will find your home on sales portals like Rightmove and Zoopla. If the pictures on your property listing do not look appealing, you will lose prospective buyers before they have even stepped foot in the property.

Making sure your home is clutter-free before the estate agent takes pictures is vital. You do not need to employ a professional cleaner for this. Small changes, like clearing away used cups and dog toys go a long way. You want the home to look clean and spacious so that it attracts potential buyers.

The same concept must be followed for viewings. It can be a pain but a quick tidy before people view the property will help you make the right impression. Try to create space where you can. Move furniture to the side so that it does not clutter the room. Remove unnecessary ornaments or pieces of furniture. The more space a property has, the more appealing it is to buyers.

A lick of paint and some light dusting

One of the most common questions people have is “how much work do I need to do to my home before I sell it?” We do not want to spend money that we will not make back on a sale, but we also want our home to look as attractive as possible when it enters the market.

You do not need to watch Homes Under the Hammer before calling an estate agent. Aesthetic changes are often enough to have influence on the end value. If potential buyers need to do this work themselves, you can bet they will try to knock some money off the asking price.

Cleaning or replacing carpets and adding a fresh lick of paint is a start. However, we always recommend using neutral colours when painting and decorating. Bright orange might be appealing to you, but it can turn some buyers away.

Light colours and a feature wall help people to picture themselves living in the property. You want to create that sense of emotional attachment because people buy homes based on emotion rather than logic.

How much work is too much work?

Knowing how much money to spend on your home in Whetstone before selling is difficult. It all comes down to the valuation of homes in the area and how the market is reacting at the time.

The right estate agent will be able to help you with this dilemma. They will analyse where you can add value and what work will not make a return on investment. They will usually give this advice during a valuation.

Book your free home valuation with us by clicking here. We are happy to help you with any questions before you decide to sell your home in Whetstone. There is no peer pressure or hard sell. We are simply here to help. Book your valuation today.