What We Do

Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary provides lifetime help and care for horses, ponies, donkeys, goats, sheep and cats, that are victims of physical and mental abuse, be it as a result of ignorance or malicious intent. The animals are our prime concern and are treated with the utmost respect. Animals are never euthanised for reasons of age or infirmity alone. Nothing is spared to give them every chance to thrive into old age. Our ethos is one of providing them with an environment where they are safe and, after a lifetime of doing their best for mankind, or being abused by mankind – that they now have a life built around them giving them all they need and asking nothing of them.

Remus Horse Sanctuary is funded totally by public donations and our own fundraising and event activities.

To care for the animals on site, we have a staff of ten, who work hard to make sure that the animals care is of the highest quality that we can possibly achieve and that they, the animals, want for nothing. Added to our staff we have a wonderful band of enthusiastic volunteers, young and not so young, all essential for the daily running of Remus Horse Sanctuary.  Their seemingly tireless efforts doing every type of work imaginable makes such a huge difference to the Sanctuary and its animals.

The Sanctuary is gaining much credence as a unit specialising in the care of veteran horses. We advise owners of older horses in all aspects of their care. As many of our Horses are very elderly yet are well and happy, painfree and able to go out daily we feel this is a role that we are well placed to carry out, and to this end we launched our Elderly Horse Campaign, holding seminars and workshops for horse owners to make them aware of just how much they can do for their animals to help them to thrive in old age.

The Sanctuary embraces holistic care alongside the superb work of our species specific Vets. We have a solarium to help the older horses, ponies and donkeys and a Laminitic Barn equipped to help the laminitic and Cushingoid ponies – which consists of a special wood chip flooring, daylight bulbs to help boost the immune system and deep cushioned stables all with rubber matting below the bedding. Please refer to our ‘Holistic Care‘ page for more information.

Obviously all of this work costs a great deal of money and we do have a wonderful volunteer fundraising team who organise stalls, give talks, run quiz nights, summer and Christmas fairs, often taking two of our little Shetlands out to events – where they love the chance to meet the public. They are not there to be ridden, but to highlight the work of Sanctuary.

Open Days are held on the first Sunday of the month from May to October – these are very busy days and great fun, and are an important part of our fundraising. We also have a successful Membership and Sponsorship Scheme. It costs in excess of £400,000 to run the Sanctuary per year – so we are always looking to raise money to continue to provide this care.

Please do continue to browse the website and learn about Remus and our work, our animals and the many other facets of life in a busy animal sanctuary.  We hope that you enjoy our website and will like what you see enough to come and visit us.