Take that coat off - Three ways that you can cost-effectively power your home during England’s energy crisis.

It is a scary time to put your heating on. With energy prices rising, most of the UK would rather wrap up in a fur coat when the temperature drops than run the risk of paying hundreds of pounds to put the radiator on.

However, we have the perfect solution. A way that, regardless of energy prices, you can enjoy electricity and heating without worry. So, without further ado, here is how you can power your home in an environmentally sustainable way through renewable energies.

What are renewable energies?

In short, they’re energies energy that are renewable. This is the opposite of things like electricity and petrol which, when used, are depleted and cannot be used again. Renewable energies are safer for the environment and are typically cheaper to use.

As technology improves, renewable energies are becoming more available to the public. Rather than huge wind turbines and hydro-powered plants, smaller advancements are now being made which can be added to the everyday family home.

What renewable energies can you use to power your home for minimal cost?

  1. Solar panels

Solar panels are one of the first things that spring to mind when you talk about sustainable ways of powering your home. These became popular a few years ago, but many people were reluctant to instal them due to the opinion of them being ugly. However, as time has moved on, solar panels are less blatant than they once were.

Solar panels are a cost-effective way of powering your home and heating water. Although sun is rare in England, you might as well reap the benefits when it does shine!

  1. Air source heat pumps

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way of heating your shower or warming your radiators, then look no further.

Air source heat pumps absorb air from outside of your home and transfer it into a liquid refrigerant at a cold temperature. The pump then compresses this liquid to warm it up. The now-hot water is then pumped through your radiators and the excess is stored in a hot water cylinder to be used in showers or through taps.

What better way to heat our home than with the outside ait?

  1. Wind turbines (not the big ones)

Small wind turbines are now available to be attached to your property. There much more discreet than their industrial counterpart, but they work in the same way. Wind blows the blads in a circular motion. This then creates kinaesthetic energy which can be captured and used to power your home.

The more wind we have, the more power the turbine produces. Let’s face it, with the storms we’ve had in 2022, one turbine would be enough to power a whole estate!

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