The Alternatives to Brick Built Extensions That Can be Built in Half the Time for Half the Price

Sometimes we just need more space. Whether that’s because our family is growing or because we just want a little more house to call our home. The problem with property is that this feeling leaves you with two options; you can either move house, or you can get an extension.

If you have the money and the space, then extensions are a fantastic option. They increase your home’s value whilst giving you more room. If you have debated getting an extension but still have some concerns about cost and build time, then keep reading our article to discover some less expensive options which are quicker to create.

Expanding without extensions 

Before you go and put your planning application in, it might be worth looking at some alternatives. Not all methods of extending your home require bricks and mortar, sometimes utilising the space you have is all it takes.

Our first example is garden buildings. If you have a medium-to-large-sized garden which is mostly empty, then a garden building is worth considering. They can be anything from a small shed to a large man cave or office space. If you’re looking to add an extra room to your home, then a garden building offers this for half the cost and build time. In some cases, they can be created onsite and delivered to your pre-built in just a few weeks.

Secondly, look at the space that you have in your home. Do you have a loft which only gets used to store Christmas decorations? Do you have a cellar that stores gardening equipment? How about an empty storage cupboard or room that is serving next to no use?

These are all rooms that have the potential to be converted. Loft and garage conversions are two popular methods of increasing the size of a house. In some cases, they can add a whole new upper or lower floor. Although storage cupboards offer less room, they can still be converted into smaller bathrooms or utility rooms. Making use of the space you already have is a great way to save money whilst increasing the size and value of your property.

Alternatives to brick-built extensions

If you like your green space and don’t want to give up the storage that your loft currently offers, then you might need an extension after all. However, there are more options out there than standard stone brick. We have outlined a few below, but this is by no means an exhaustive list.

Let’s start with something a little outside of the box, glass. Glass extensions are a beautiful addition to the home and are enjoyable in warm summer months.

They can be creatively used to connect two separate stone buildings, creating a glass room between the two, or can be added as a separate side extension.

If you like a natural look, then timber extensions might be a better fit. They are beautifully designed and give your home a hand-crafted look. They’re unusual, but if used correctly they provide a striking contrast to most brick-built houses and can be combined with other materials like glass or certain metals.

Our final suggestion is dark metal. We like this type of extension because it has a modern appearance that blends nicely with most types of brick. It can be used for cladding on other types of extensions and is known for its durability. Practical, modern, and durable, it offers everything you need from an extension.

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